The Big Debut

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Hey! Big happies. In May, I spent a week traveling with DIY Network to film a bunch of video tutorials. Being an on-camera talent is entirely new to me, and not only that, but up until this trip I had never even met the Knoxville-based Scripps Networks team that I’ve worked with for 3 years! It’s been 3 years since I began writing for DIY Network! A long overdue joy of joys. I had the great opportunity to tour the Knoxville offices, and then traveled to Asheville for 3 days of filming with four other blog contributors and managers (three of whom–Kelly, Michele, and Hannah–are Scripps Networks employees, and Ellen, a fellow contributor and writer over at Minnow & Co).

I’ll get right down to it and tell you that the reason for this post is that the video content I was involved with just went live on (links to my videos are below the image), and I think you’ll really like the projects that we produced. And even if watching tutorials isn’t your thaang, you get to see me, in my real person form, on-camera, talking, in a high-quality production setting – a true rarity, especially since most of you out there have only ever seen me in still photos and read posts like this. If there were emojis in my WordPress toolbar, I’d be dropping in that one with wide eyes and nervously clenched teeth, but it’s all good, yo.

Me, at the video shoot for Made + Remade with DIY Network.

The videos turned out better than I could have ever expected, as in, all of my fumbles and bumbles were left on the editing room floor and creatively masked. You can catch the five videos that I was in at the below links (they’re mostly just a minute or two long, and all work appropo if you’re in the cubicle):

If you’re interested in seeing the other videos that were filmed during that trip, you can navigate to them through this link. Ellen’s tutorials educate on essential knots (and I just saw a Monkey’s Fist for sale at a store for $$$ – glad I know how to make my own, thanks to watching her make hers about 10 times during filming!); Hannah’s videos focus on DIY Cleaning Products, all things I should totally be making for my own home.

Cloudy, Outdoors

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We talk a lot about entertaining at our house, or rather, about the potential in entertaining at our house. Our old place didn’t have much living or outdoor space, and that always felt a little limiting, even though we made the most of it. In turn, it’s amazing what a larger backyard and more open interior floor plan can do for inspiring large parties, summer play dates, and even lend to discussions about how we could invite all of our family over and let them camp out in tents for like, a week. It would probably be awesome for the first 48 hours at least.

For now, movies projected on the back of the house will do.

Backyard movie nights at our little merrypad.

Some other time I’ll have to take more photos of how we actually made this happen, because it was fairly easy (assuming you have a projector, which I highly recommend). If you’re wondering now, that’s a 6′x9′ canvas drop cloth that we owned, clipped to the gutter with four IRWIN clamps, weighted taut with a thin metal rod that we attached to the bottom. We projected using an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000. For some reason I thought a screen measuring 9′ wide would be way bigger, and so even though I might have been the only one dissatisfied with this presentation, I went out the next morning and upgraded us to a 12×15. BIGGER.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 was never more awesome.

One More Thing, Handprints

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Handprints in cement.

Aged seven months and seven years, little handprints positioned perfectly at the base of the northeastern treehouse post are forever captured. I sort of turned to mush when it happened, hormones. My sister and I have similar handprints at the base of the the treehouse my parents built us when I was only 5 and my sister was an infant; it was always kind of fun to look back on those tiny imprints, and to be honest, it’s really weird to have these now in our own yard… a reality check with respect to my age, because where has the time gone?

Speaking of the treehouse I grew up with, that thing was built to last – I can only hope that the play house we’re constructing will still be standing in 25 years. 2039!!

If you missed it, we’re in the middle of building a modern treehouse in our backyard. You can check out the first post about the project here.