A Gran Bahia Caribbean Getaway

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We’re back, tanned, and all relaxed after a whirlwind birthday-week trip to Mexico to celebrate Pete’s 40th! Neither of us had been to the Caribbean coast before, and Riviera Maya, the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula seemed like a good fit for a 4-day/3-night woo-hoo-hoo kind of getaway. At least, if you liked hot, sand, and sun, which Pete does.

Big clouds and the blue water of the Caribbean Sea.

Did I mention that this was a surprise birthday trip too (following the surprise birthday party)?

Pete knew we were going out of town for a few days… I did have to request that he took time away from the 9-5, you know, but he knew nothing about the itinerary or final destination and futhermore, he opted not to know any of those details until we made it out of Rochester and were sitting at our gate in our connecting flight city of Charlotte, NC. The guy really likes a good surprise, come to find. Lucky for him, because I’ve had all kinds of secrets lately. This was just the big one.

On a related but unrelated note, I’m also happy to report to you coffee addicts, that there are easily 5 Starbucks within walking distance of any gate in the popular travel hub of Charlotte. And good free internet access. Let’s hope other airports follow this as a trend.

Back to the vacation stuff. Our all-inclusive home for those nights was at the Gran Bahia Principe resort, about 30 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, and didn’t consist of just one resort, but 3-in-one. Meaning it was enormous. And when I say enormous, I mean… all synonyms for huge. Gargantuan. Ginormous. Whoa.

Gran Bahia Principe Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico

And if you thought it was summer in the good ol’ USA, you haven’t felt anything. The sand, tiles, and grass were blazing hot – nearly unwalkable, and even though we jumped into every pool that landed in our path, we still left us with burned soles. Hot feet aside, without knowing beforehand how these all-inclusive places work, I can tell you after the fact that it was love from first private entry gate to last breakfast coffee con leche and with every pina colada in between.

Pools, palapas, and thatched roofs everywhere you turned at the Gran Bahia Principe.

I scored an amazing deal by placing the order for our trip a few months ago via Despite being completely skeptical after reading lots and lots of iffy, poor, and seemingly phony reviews, I wouldn’t give it anything less than a 2-thumbs-up experience. I’m serious, they didn’t even credit me to say that (although, hint, cough, hint). There were no cracks in their travel itinerary, and the resort was fabulous, although I’m not a whiner when it comes to beautiful weather and sparkly blue water.

Pete and I lounged in chairs on this pier our first day. People watching and the caribbean sea at it's finest.

The guest rooms throughout the resort were constructed as open-air villas, and that was refreshing when in the back of my head I was expecting a traditional hotel setup. Each villa was modern and well-maintained, although the colorful paint and hard-to-destroy tiled floors may have made for a good facade, what do I know. I was especially digging the vertically installed rectangular tiles in the bathroom. That single glass panel acted as a shower door and was static in place, which was cool and minimalistic except when you turned on the water, you had to lean far inside. And get showered just a bit. But what did I care? I was in Mexico, baby.

Note the vertical orientation of the rectangular tiles. And see how the only door is a static glass panel? I liked it, except turning on the water without getting blasted was tricky.

Hints of original mexican heritage and design were scattered everywhere; I especially loved the backsplash that extended all around the bathroom.

Pretty mexican tiles and countertop.

Our villa suite was accompanied by impressive facilities and plentiful food. I somehow also worked my way into a premium package that gave us two din-dins at our choice of 4-course restaurants on-site fo’ free, in addition to all of the other inclusive buffets, drinks, and activities that we were offered. Fabulousity. I think you’re going to find that I’m not crafty enough to articulate more synonyms for AMAZING, so get used to it.

Free dinners and buffets meant we ate really well, and we took it upon ourselves to try all kinds of new foods, although as excited as we were about sampling authentic mexican fish, apple yogurt, cactus, and palm hearts, we wondered if the non-USA foreigners were equally as excited about the very American cheeseburgers, baby carrots, and chicken wings that the resort kept stocked for the (presumably) non-adventurous travelers.

Am I a total cheeseball to keep reinforcing how awesome all-inclusive is compared to every other vacation we’ve respectively been on?

We did a whole lot of sitting around the beach and exploring the resort by foot. It was humid as could be, which explains the whole sexy wet dog look you might notice in photos of us as you browse through.

Accidental sunburns led to seaside naps, and there were no clocks anywhere and even our phones were turned off the whole time. This means that we never had an accurate sense of time for 3 whole days, which was kind of cool (even the clock in our room was wrong, somehow).

Walks on the beach were accompanied by curious iguanas and hand-sized crabs.

Mexican crabby. Pre-attack.

Sometimes both showed up at the same time, when you’re innocently zoomed in on a transparent crab, and scare you half to death while they stare each other down in an “I’M GOING TO EAT ALL OF YOU… and then maybe run up that human’s leg” frenzy.

Scared mexican crabby (and photographer), approached by mexican iguana.

And so the circle of life continues.

Very scared mexican crabby (and photographer). Mid-attack with a mexican iguana.

Actually, the crab got away by the tip of it’s pokey eyeball. Circle of life broken by frantic shrieks of a girl horrified about what she was about to see happen. That girl may or may not have been yours truly.

We made use of the unlimited miles on the rental car by two car trips during our stay too, one of which was to Playa del Carmen about 30 miles north on the sea beside the island of Cozumel.

Pete, and the beach at Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The sand was much softer than that at our resort’s beach – less coral, I guess. Dare I compare the two as powdered sugar to Home Depot sandbox sand? It was possibly softer than any other beach I’ve traveled to, and that includes my previous favorite cashmere-sanded beach of Sanibel Island. Plus, Playa del Carmen was lined with fishing boats anchored into the earth, which made for pretty pictures.

Playa del Carmen beach boats.


Playa del Carmen. Looks like a storm rolling in, but it dispersed before reaching land.

We scoured and bartered our way through the touristy shops and came home with some fun treasures like these children’s bobble head toys:

Miniature bobble heads bought in Playa del Carmen. Dinosaur, turtle, and bull with rider.

We also bought ceramic hot pepper decor as a gift for mom and dad, the dog sitters, and serious hot pepper fanatics, and a new christmas ornament for this year’s tree.

Chili pepper decor, and a new ornament for the christmas tree.

I bought a few textiles too, which was exactly what I had planned to buy if nothing else. I’ll share those items with you once they’ve found a home. They’re still in the store baggies in my suitcase, which I’ll get around to emptying one of these weeks.

The shops and restaurants in Playa del Carmen were beautiful and as full of color as the photos already shown would suggest; we took assorted photos of the local merchandise, hostels, restaurants, bars, and street decor while we wandered and shopped, so be sure to enlarge to view full-size for full effect. You might even feel like you’re there.

  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
  • Beautiful sinks for sale in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
  • Restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
  • We had major adoration for the ornate mexican tile.
  • Me, and a fantastic die cut plastic chair in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was actually outside of a Ben & Jerry's so I'm not sure how authentic it is to the region.
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
  • Dia de los muertos shops lined the streets in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
  • Feral cat, sparkly woman wearing a cool non-DOC-approved helmet, and me.
  • Small park in Playa del Carmen. Pretty flags everywhere.
  • Dia de los muertos shops lined the streets in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
  • Anything ivy-covered is fine by me. The painted pink window trim put me over the edge.
  • Colorful mexican textiles.
  • Heading down to the beach at Playa del Carmen.
  • Restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We liked the colorful tablecloths.
  • Dia de los muertos shops lined the streets in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

When it came right down to it, we spent much of the time driving around noticing two things: All of the friendly folks sporting M16s…

Big guns. Everywhere.

…and the multitude of vehicle makes and models that we had never seen before. We saw some ordinary Nissan Sentra’s and variations of the Volkswagon Passat, but also plenty of unusually named models, starting with our own Dodge Attitude.

Pete and our Dodge Attitude.

Of course, most of the car photos taken involved Pete making an “I have an attitude” face. Because, why not?

Pete and our Dodge Attitude.He also thought the Renault Trafic Passenger was the most badass of all of the passenger vans. And yes, just one “f”. That’s no typo. Possibly a cool fit for Kate + 8, which I do still watch on occasion, sue me.

Pete likes the Renault Trafic Passenger.

Nighttime at the resort was pretty too; it cooled off just enough for us to stop profusely sweating and only minimally sweat, and once most of the families were in for the night, we had nice opportunities to take photos like this, of the pool not so splashy at night with our great (but low-light) Canon G12 manual settings.

Poolside at night at the Gran Bahia Principe.

It was possibly the most work-free and travel-drama-free vacation I’ve ever taken. We even adjusted to the whole having-no-phone-access pretty quickly, forgetting even 24-hours later that we could iPhone-connect to the world of internets or dare to look at our missed calls without extravagant charges or taking it off airplane mode.

I’ve heard plenty of fantastic stories of people’s trips to Cancun and Tulum, but has anyone else been to this resort, or another resort on the 307 highway? If yay, do share.


Terrorized (And Battling Back)

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The terror attacks that I speak of are minimal in the grand scheme of things… but they’re destroying my wardrobe. And I like my wardrobe, so I’m taking it personally.

Moths, the little terrorists I’m apparently housing, are never seen but apparently active, and doing things which destroy my closet, dresser drawers, and shelves.

Bye-bye ruffled J.Crew henley, you were so nice to me:

I hope that J.Crew shirt was yum-yum, little beasts.All down the front, back, and sleeves. It was the most brutally attacked of the whole wardrobe:

I hope that J.Crew shirt was yum-yum, little beasts.For the last year, it seemed like I had been winning the battle by infusing my drawers and shelves with some of these little cedar beads.

A few of the cedar balls that I had tucked into shelves and drawers.

I won’t turn them down completely, they’re still needed on active duty, but I needed something more powerful along with them.

Cedar boards. I lucked out by finding some 1″x2″ non-premium cedar boards at Home Depot for $3 each; I only brought home two, because I wasn’t exactly near where I lived and didn’t feel like hauling more more than I needed. Turns out I did need more, and having expecting them to be more readily available, but I’ve since been back to two other Home Depot stores with no luck. Anyways, I was able to make a big dent in my combatting efforts.

Cedar boards. And a very uninterested dog.I cut them down to 28″ lengths (and 2 12″ lengths for the smaller IKEA drawers) and sanded them down with the power sander to make them a little smoother and less rugged (as I mentioned, they weren’t premium quality boards to begin with, but nice-smelling and just as hated by moths.

Trimmed and sanded cedar boards.How’s this for full-combat mode against the moth enemy?

Lining the back of each IKEA drawer with a custom cut-to-fit cedar strip.

I’ll let you know how it goes before taking stronger measures. There’s much more cedar presence in there now so I’m optimistically anticipating success.

Swimmin’ With The Fishes

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Fish’s Eddy.

If you’re ever in NYC, add this shop to the top of your excursion list. If you love the online shop, you’re probably going to need to buy another suitcase for all of the goodies that’ll come home with you. That’s not meant to be a deterrent, you’re just going to be that blown away by their products in person. Seriously.

I didn’t see this collection of exclusive Fish’s Eddy flatware when I was there, and with that said I don’t actually have any idea when the set was released, but I want it. All of it.

Fish's Eddy. Fork.

I melt for fish flatware. The whole set has me seriously considering whether or not I’m insane to want a whole second set of flatware. A girl and her man only need so many spoons. But oh, the spoons.

Fish's Eddy. Spoon.

Oy vey, there are fins. See the fins? Fins. On my must-have flatware.

A full set of 8 will only set you back $158, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t bad for stainless steel with fins and a tail that will serve you (and undoubtly your children, nieces, and nephews) very, very well. That calculation I whipped up included both sizes of forks and spoons, but not the dessert spoon.

The Charley Harper collection of dinnerware had me click-click as well. Not sure where my new-found love of the aquatic came from, but I’m feelin’ it. If you remember from a few months back, I confessed to being a collector of mix-and-match dinnerware, so these fit right in.

Fish's Eddy bowl by Charley Harper.

This plate caught my eye too. I can only imagine that the colors are amazing and vivid in person.

Charley Harper Plate at Fish's Eddy.

Go see collection to swoon more. And sorry in advance if it’s your payday. Cha-ching!

All images were provided by Fish’s Eddy. And no one over there perked or persuaded me to write about their products, I’m just a long time fan with a new found adoration for the aquatic life.