Kitchen ceiling painting... like whoa.

DIY Network: More Beige, Beige, Beige

Lately, making upgrades to our kitchen has been my most focused effort. You really wouldn’t […]

April 11, 2014 in DIY, DIY Network Projects, Kitchen
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Hanging images in a gallery wall using magnets.

Cool Cats, Gray Sheep, Many Magnets

That little gallery wall that I’ve been working on? It’s not the first frame series […]

February 26, 2014 in Bedrooms, DIY
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Our happy baby birth announcement from Tiny Prints.

Tiny Birth Announcements

In a moment of sheer Black Friday glee, I customized and ordered Hattie’s birth announcements […]

January 24, 2014 in DIY
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Master bedroom flooring is done!


There will be very few occasions in our home-improving life that warrant an ALL-CAPS title […]

December 31, 2013 in Bedrooms, DIY, Flooring
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Modest progress installing maple in our bedroom.

Many Projects, Many Cookies

The holiday season has been exceptionally kind to us so far, if you consider that […]

December 21, 2013 in DIY, DIY Network Projects, Holiday-Related Projects
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Look Ma, The Carpet Is Gone!

Our master bedroom is a beautiful, beautiful sight. I’d say so, at least. We spent […]

December 13, 2013 in Bedrooms, DIY, Flooring
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Shopping For LED Light Strands.

‘Tis The Season (To Treat Yo’ Self)

Holiday season has officially commenced, though I’ve been quietly thinking about it for awhile… planning, […]

December 02, 2013 in DIY, DIY Network Projects, Holiday-Related Projects
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My DIY pregnancy photo series.

Diligent Documentation

I kept a lot of the heavy-personal pregnancy stuff off the blog this year because […]

November 26, 2013 in DIY
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Ta-da, new maple flooring throughout our living room!

Great Light

Broken record, yo. First, I told you how the hallway looked incredible. And then the […]

November 19, 2013 in DIY, Flooring, Living Room
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Removing carpeting from the dining room.

Mega Maple Exhaustion

I got bored after writing about our maple flooring progress all of last week, that’s […]

November 01, 2013 in Dining Room, DIY, Flooring
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