about emily

I’m Emily, and I live, work, and play here. My husband Pete and I are home improvement enthusiasts living a very merry do-it-yourself lifestyle, intent on having a home that’s suitable for us, designed for us, and adaptable for our family.

It only seems natural that my lifestyle would be progressing as it has been; I grew up in rural Western NY with parents determined to make their little ranch farmhouse customized to their dreams. In doing so, they exposed me to home renovation at a young age. After obtaining my BBA in Marketing and advancing the size of my cubicle for 5 years, I ventured out to pursue a new path filled with home-appeal and reclaimed happiness.

I began this blog in 2010 to document my home’s progress for friends and family, and have served as DIY Network’s featured blogger since the fall of 2011. You can see additional content on DIY Network’s blog on a weekly basis.

I do place the occasional affiliate link to Amazon.com. I also host banner and text ads via Google AdSense, and place paid links selectively. If you are interested in advertising with Merrypad, please contact me at emily@merrypad.com with more information about your/your client’s products and goals. The product or business promoted must correlate seamlessly to the content within a post. I do not accept written content at this time, but thank you for the offer.

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Emily Fazio, merrypad.com