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Our Azoresmoon

January 15, 2013   //  Posted in: Merry Travels   //  By: Emily   //  6 responses

Last summer on our flight back from Morocco, our plane flew over the majestic Azores. We didn’t even know what we were seeing at the time, the islands were huge, and exploded through the thick clouds like nothing else we could imagine happening to see in the middle of the Atlantic.

Azores from above, headed west.

Chancing to look out of the window at that very moment was life-changing. We didn’t know if or when we’d ever get to see those islands up close, but they quickly became one of those top places we talked about wanting to explore. We got a sign the week before our wedding at a time when we had already planned on not taking a honeymoon immediately, a sign in the form of a Groupon Getaways deal, of all things, for a 6-night trip to the Azores, airfare included. And so, we’re honeymoonin’ this week, baby, it’s vacation time.

With that said, I thought a lot about whether or not to try and squeeze in a whole bunch of extra posts so that you guys, my friends and readers wouldn’t be bored (or wouldn’t forget about me, as if), and I thought even more about collaborating with a whole bunch of guest bloggers to fill my place, but in the end it felt right for me to keep the site written solely by me, at my discretion, so I’m going silent for a few days. I’ll see you all again around the middle of next week.

I still have loads of DIY projects to show you, both things  from our wedding and things we’ve been doing to our house over the last month. Wintertime unleashes us in a whole new direction, and I’ve managed to be very productive and make a lot of great improvements to this place. In the meantime, keep an eye on DIY Network’s blog, because on Thursday this week you’ll get a glimpse of one of our latest projects (hint, it’s in the basement, hint, it’s huge, and hint, it’s totally DIY-able and affordable).

  • John @ Our Home from Scratch
    2 years ago - Reply

    Enjoy the Azores! I’ve never been there, but it’s on my list. They speak Portuguese and I’ve been to Portugal a couple times. Not really sure of the food there, but if it’s similar to Portugal, look for Pasteis de Natas (pronounced Pash-tay-sh de Nata) or Pasteis de Belems. They are little custards, unbelieveable.


    • Emily
      2 years ago -

      Thanks John! We’ve heard great things about Portugal too, let’s hope that the Azores are equally as wonderful. Will look for that dessert!

  • Jessica@J.ParisDesigns
    2 years ago - Reply

    Have fun! We bought a Groupon to Ireland last year – amazing deal! It’s worth it when the majority is already planned and figured out for you…enjoy!

    • Emily
      2 years ago -

      Thanks Jessica!

  • Cait @ Hernando House
    2 years ago - Reply

    How exciting! I hope you two have a great time!!

    • Emily
      2 years ago -

      We will!! Thank you!

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