DIY Network: A Busy Office Goes Baby Nursery

October 18, 2012   //  Posted in: DIY Network Projects, Other Pads   //  By: Emily   //  Leave a comment

Ever since our friends Heather and Tracy announced earlier this year that they were expecting a baby, they’ve spent a lot of time considering the changes they’d need to make to their 1930’s home. Most notably, the third bedroom/office (which they openly acknowledge as a catch-all room that serves them well as storage space) would need to be transformed into their daughter’s nursery, and we were happy to lend some DIY brainpower.

In today’s post on DIY Network, you’ll have a chance to see the state of the room pre-makeover, and get a sense of the how these homeowners are about to change it all up to make a functional, fun, and lovely nursery. Enjoy!

Getting ready to transform this office into a nursery!

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