Because Of The Azores

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Because you should never pass up an educational opportunity…?

I made some Portuguese flash cards using my own printer and blank folded greeting cards.

Homemade portuguese flash cards.

As if I didn’t post enough anymore anyways, I’m taking off for a few more days; we’re headed back to our favorite adventurous getaway in the Atlantic. Forget about Hawaii, this is the new volcanic go-to.

This time, we’re going with young’ns in tow, and we’ll do nothing but admire the ocean and eat European pastries, espresso, and leite com chocolate  (Google Translate = Best resource ever, because you can also listen to pick up on the pronunciation.)

Bon Voyage! (Keep an eye out for the Azores Groupon, peeps. Totally worth it for families, because kids <12 are freebies. High five.)

DIY Network: More Beige, Beige, Beige

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Lately, making upgrades to our kitchen has been my most focused effort. You really wouldn’t know it, it’s slower going than I expected.

I’m in the midst of electrical upgrades, and painting wallpapered walls, ceiling, and door trim, all while patiently waiting for the temps to rise enough so that I can take cabinet doors outside for painting (going to use the sprayer!), and so I can remove storm panes and take the window trimmings from peachy-beige to crisp white. Down with Beige, Down with Beige, it’s my new chant. It’s nearly impossible to paint window trim during the longest winter of all time. Speaking of which, it stopped snowing this week (Sunday excluded) and I got a brief taste of what it’s going to be like not stuck indoors for a few months. The yard is calling my name. I literally can’t wait to go and pick up 4,000,000 sticks.

Hey Deer.

I’ve been documenting the whole kitchen transformation process on Made + Remade over on DIY Network – you can see my painting progress in this post. As for how the other kitchen updates are going, I’ll leave you with this for now: 

Kitchen ceiling painting... like whoa.

In other news, I’ve written a few other posts over the course of the last month that might interest you:

Last Year

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This blogging thing, even after all these years, still strikes a quite personal chord. My favorite part of all of this is how I’ve been able to create a little archive of this period in my life. We look back on the posts (and the instagram feed, and Facebook) quite a bit to see what we were doing this time last year, last month, last Easter.

Last year this week, we were scouring Coney Island for shells and sea glass. For some reason, our small collection still hasn’t found its way out of the car door pocket. It’s a constant reminder that I need to clean my car, and that I have another 6 small piles of glass from other beaches laying around that I want to display and give appropriate tribute to in this house. Beachy memories are the best. When and where and how? No clue. But that’s OK, I’ll get around to it.

Coney Island Treasures, tucked eternally in the Jeep door.

It was the same week that we returned from that trip to NYC that our realtor showed us this house, and we fell in love with it.

From the front, not so different, but the inside is so changed these days that it’s really fun to look back at what the house looked like when we found it; we’re finally getting to a point where the piles of flooring are gone, the excess of tools are back in the basement, and we’re having real freaking dinner parties without having to warn our friends about the missing bullnose or apologize for the blocked front doorway. Although, come to think of it, there was a chainsaw on our kitchen table on Monday night when we were dishing up some homemade Chiavetta’s chicken and red wine. So… well, we’re getting there.

Cheers to many more years in this wonderful home. And fingers crossed that we never, ever have to buy another house ever, ever again.

The day we found the house, and the day of our first home inspection.